File organization

Fake news (multipage, library)

The story so far

You have a BS template with some JS to load a navbar, and footer. You know how to make input fields, and buttons. You know how to tie JS code to events. You know how to validate. You know how to use variables to coordinate what happens across events. You know how to persist data, and erase persisted data when needed.

This lesson adds a few new things:

  • An app with multiple pages.
  • Generating HTML with JavaScript.
  • Adding a library of utility functions copied from the web



Our app will make a fake news feed.


The story so far

This course is about making CRUD apps. You know how to do C(reate), and R(ead), and all the appy goodness behind them. Now let's add D(elete). We'll also firm up the way we connect pages.

This lesson is longer than most. Much of it is review. You've already seen how to work with TaffyDB, list data, and add new records. This lesson explains that again, as one last check. Go through the code. You should be able to follow it without much trouble. It will give you confidence that you know what's going on.

Plan to take a break part-way through the lesson.