Cool things

Cool things that curious people might want to explore.

Cool thing Keywords
An automatic Google search

Make an <a> that does a Google search automatically.

Back to the past

Jump back through history at a random time.

Events, JavaScript
Do, or do not

There is no try. Do, or do not.

If statement, JavaScript
Fading text

Argh! The text on the page is fading!

CSS, If statement, JavaScript, jQuery, Visual effects
Image flip

Change an image unexpectedly.

Images, JavaScript, jQuery, Visual effects
Image tool bag

Collect a bag of tools for messing with images.

Inverted paragraphs

Some paragraphs are inverted.

CSS, If statement, JavaScript, Loop, Visual effects
Secret link

Make a secret link on a page.

Vanishing links

Confuse people with links that vanish when the mouse moves over them.

Web server on your computer

You can run your own web server on your own computer. Great for development, and testing.