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Exercise Summary Referenced in
A page with and without extra white space Make two versions of a page, with and without extra whitespace. Headings, paragraphs, and line breaks
Accordion Show info about countries in an accordion menu. Bootstrap exercises
Add chocolate Add chocolate to the expense tracking app. Coffee and chocolate (validation, localStorage)
Alert! Who are you? The template
Alerts and buttons Make some alerts and buttons. Premade components
Animal and yo mama jokes Create a page of animal jokes, and a page of yo mama jokes. Gather styles in style sheets
Aussie rules scores Write an app to help with scoring in Aussie Rules football. Team scores (buttons, events, variables)
Bands Make a web app to track your favorite bands. Ships
Bar joke Style a bar joke. CSS exercises
Best animal Click on the photo of the best animal. Team scores (buttons, events, variables)
Better cheater Make rock-paper-scissors cheater is less obvious. JS exercises
Broken zoo app Fix a broken app. JS exercises
Calm worms How calm are your worms? Tables
Carousel Make a carousel. Bootstrap exercises
Character generator Make a character generator for a role playing game. JS exercises
Club Make a Bootstrap site with a navbar. Bootstrap navbars
Countries Make a page for country data from the CIA World Fact Book. Course catalog: many courses
CRUD app Make a CRUD app, about anything you like. CRUD exercises
Dog breeds Show some dog breeds. Images
Dogs and toys Advise the user about the number of dog toys they have. Course score (input, validation, flags)