CRUD exercises

Exercise: CRUD app
Make a CRUD app, about anything you like. Movies, cooking, sports… you choose.

Do at least the following:

  • Persist records with Taffy, or to a server.
  • Have a record set list that's public.
  • Have an admin section.
  • Create an admin record set list, with edit, and delete buttons for each record.
  • Have a login form, with a logout link in the menu.
  • Have a way for admins to add new records, and edit and delete existing records.
  • All admins require login.
  • Confirm record deletion.
  • Validation. Required data, data that is not negative, etc.
  • Have a data initialization page, linked to the main admin page, that requires login.
  • Confirm data initialization with the user.


  • Persistent transaction log, with timestamp.
  • Sort the record set by fields the user chooses.
  • Have a record set of usernames and passwords that the login logic searches.
  • Use checkboxes, radio buttons, and/or select lists in the add/edit form.
  • Have two or more entities related through a foreign key, like keywords, or teams for sporting events.

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