What the course is about

This course helps you learn how to make simple web apps. We'll look at basic business functions, like:

  • Finding products.
  • Placing an order.
  • Applying for a job.
  • Finding out who to contact.

Companies in real estate, manufacturing, financial services, recruiting, education… they all want apps that do these types of things.

By the end of the course, you'll know what the pieces of a typical web app are, and how they connect with each other. You'll have built a few apps yourself.

Why is the course worth your time?

Learn skills that help you get and keep a good job

The apps you make won't do everything complex web apps do. However, you'll know enough to:

  • Make basic apps for internal use, like helping employees understand health insurance plans.
  • Create prototypes for complex apps. Businesses often make prototypes to test ideas.
  • Be of use on a real project team.

You'll have a portfolio of web apps you can show people. Imagine a job interview. You tell a recruiter, "You can run web apps I've made, on your own phone. Let me show you." That's powerful.

A solid base for learning more

Web app tech is complex, too much for one course. We'll look a few core technologies. You'll have a solid base for learning more, like how to connect to a specific database.

Pride in your skills

Take this course seriously, and you'll know how to do useful things. Impress employers. Impress friends, and family. Best of all, have confidence that you can make good stuff.

Who made this course

Kieran Mathieson created the course. He's an associate professor at Oakland University in Michigan, USA. Kieran has been programming since the '70s; yes, he's really old. Kieran has studied learning since 2006. Learning research informed the design and implementation of the course.

Kieran wrote the software used to make this course. He's writing a new version, called Skill Course. Reach him at mathieso@oakland.edu.