Add some CSS

You know how to make some HTML tags… but they don't look good. Let's change that.

CSS (cascading style sheets) is another language, different from HTML. It's purpose is to change the way HTML looks.

  • HTML code tells the browser what to show.
  • CSS code tells the browser how to format it.

Exercise: Subdomain for CSS exercises
Make a subdomain called css. This is where your exercise solutions for this course module will go.

Add encryption, if you have Let's Encrypt.

Put an HTML file called index.html in the root of the subdomain. Recall that index.html is the default file that the server returns when the user doesn't type the file name.

Use <h1> and <p> tags in index.html. Add an animal joke.

Your page will have two URLs:

  • https://css.YOUR DOMAIN/index.html
  • https://css.YOUR DOMAIN

(If you didn't use encryption, the protocol will be http, not https.)

Test that both URLs work. Submit them both.

(If you were logged in as a student, you could submit an exercise solution, and get some feedback.)